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uMark is a batch photo watermarking software. It protects your digital images and photos by adding a visible watermark
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21 September 2015

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One of the most profound way to keep the images displayed over the web in personalized form or when they are given to the clients or customer is by inserting watermarks on them. This enables the creator or the uploader of the image to retain the right over them and no one can use it as their product. But it is highly essential that a powerful watermarking solution should be used to watermark the photos, otherwise there are chances that they might get easily removed. So here is uMark 4.0 that can enable you to easily watermark the entire collection of images you posses and keep the images a rightful property of yours.

What makes uMark 4.0 a superstar is that the watermark it can put on the images of yours can never be erase by any ordinary remover program. Its batch feature will open a window for you as it will help you to quickly and effectively embed watermarks on thousands of digital images and photos you have in your repository. This solution has got ample of editing function which will give you the opportunity of editing the watermarks, set colors and fonts on the texts, insert specialized characters and adjust the transparency of watermarks. Further you can set the watermarks at any desired location of the image easily and efficaciously. Also the uMark 4.0 can generate watermarks that are compatible to large selection of image files, which will actually help you when you convert the image formats from one format to another the watermark will still be there on the image.

So with uMark 4.0 you can insert your company`s logo or band image or any XYZ watermarks on the images and personalize them. Due to such myriad of features you get to experience with uMark 4.0 we rate it by 3.5 stars.

Publisher's description

Protect your digital photos with uMark. uMark is a powerful batch photo watermark software. It enables you to add visible watermarks to your digital images and photos. Be it your company name, logo, copyright notice, shapes, borders, QR codes or EXIF properties - uMark can add all! You can set a custom font and color, adjust opacity level and transparency, and insert special characters like © and ®. The watermark can be placed anywhere on the image, using customizable presets or exact x/y positioning.
uMark supports multiple image formats and lets you convert your images from one format to the other. With uMark you can also rotate and tile your watermarks. Once you have designed your watermark, you can save the settings for later use. uMark can add itself to the Windows Explorer right click context menu for images so that you can add watermarks to the images directly from Windows Explorer. uMark saves watermarked images in a separate folder so your originals remain unchanged.
What's more - uMark can be used as a batch thumbnail generator, batch converter and an image viewer as well. You can also add filters, border and shadow to enhance the look of your photos.
uMark comes with a handy user guide and is well supported with how to videos, tutorials and user forum. FREE 15 day trial is available.
Don't let anyone steal your photos. If you have ever shared an image over the Internet then uMark is a must have software for you.
Version 5.5
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